Clinical Nutrition Mentoring For Healthcare Professionals
liz-shadow“I receive many requests from Nutrition Mentoring nutrition professionals who want to learn more about clinical nutrition from an integrative, functional, holistic viewpoint. They want to feel more confident in their skill-set. They want to have support while jumping into this field. It’s not possible to know everything about nutrition. I’ve been in the field for over 30 years and am continually deepening my skill set. Come and join a small group to learn more, share with others, and deepen your skills.

“We’ll meet twice a month for 10 months by phone or webcast. As a group we will choose specific topics to explore. Then each meeting we’ll spend the first half exploring a specific topic in nutrition, health, lab testing, herbs, or other modalities. In the second half, we’ll look at case histories and have time for specific questions. You’ll be able to bring in questions from your own practice.”

The maximum class size is 15 people. Minimum class size is ten. Once the class is filled you can place yourself on a waiting list for the next class.

Note from Liz, August 2016: I will be postponing my mentoring and advanced forum groups. If you are one of the clinicians who have been waiting, my apologies. This was a difficult decision to make.

Why? It’s time for me to spend some time writing. There are only so many hours in a day. My teaching and lecturing keep me very busy. When I looked at what could be moved, the mentoring groups made the most sense.

Once these writing projects have finished, I plan to begin the groups again.

This will be the seventh offering of the mentoring program that has been highly beneficial for its participants.

The next mentoring group is not scheduled.

The group will meet from 10:30 AM to Noon Eastern time.

There will be 15 seats.

For more information or to be placed on our wait list send an email to:

The content will be determined by the group, but likely topics include:

  • Food as information: Nutrigenomics
  • Food and Inflammation/Anti-Inflammatory foods and diets
  • Use of Therapeutic diets
  • Use of Functional Medicine tools such as the matrix, timeline and GOTOIT model
  • Unraveling complex health issues
  • Case histories
  • Use of laboratory testing: Conventional and Functional
  • Drug-Nutrient interactions
  • Weight management/Metabolic Syndrome
  • Toxicity, detoxification, and cleansing
  • Celiac disease/gluten sensitivity: Implications, diagnosis, therapeutics
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Thyroid issues
  • Assessment for environmental toxicity
  • Digestive issues:  leaky gut, dysbiosis, probiotics/prebiotics, gut microbiome, biofilms
  • pH balance
  • Inflammatory, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and musculoskeletal nutrition
  • Vitamin and herbal supplements
  • Food Brain Connection
  • Nutrition and Cancer
  • Autism, Asperger’s, depression
  • Useful business & marketing practices
Who may attend?

This program is primarily designed for nutrition professionals: RD, CCN, CNS, and Nutrition Counselors. Others that may also benefit are clinicians using functional nutrition in their practice such as: MD’s, DO’s, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Pharmacists, and other health professionals who want to apply nutrition in a clinical setting.

Meeting schedule

You may attend via phone or web cast. (We are currently using the Go To Meeting software)

Meetings will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings.

The Class will be held the first and third Tuesday of each month, 10:30 AM Eastern time.

The program runs 10 months.

Some individual meetings may be changed to accommodate Liz’s schedule, but we will do our best to avoid this.

  • Two monthly 90 minute phone calls.
  • Content based on your needs and issues.
  • Access to the recording of the meetings, should you miss one or want to review the content.
  • Copies of any forms or documents that may be used (subject to copyright laws).

Plus the following bonus worth $200.00

  • A 60 minute personal consultation with Liz

The total cost is $2,500 for 10 months. (Just $250 a month!)
Once you are accepted into the program, payments are as follows:

  • We will bill you $250 when you enroll, then $250 per month starting in September.
  • Sorry, no scholarships are available

Cancellation policy

  • Your payments are refundable up until 45 days before the start of the course. After that they are nonrefundable (unless the minimum class size of ten is not reached)
  • No refunds will be given after the course starts
How to Apply

Send an email to listing your credentials (bio, resume, or CV), and a request to join the mentoring group. Please include your contact information, and we will contact you.